Get Your GoLube!

Looking for extra speed? Or just a quieter chain?  Try our GO LUBE.  GO LUBE is a bicycle cleaning lubricant with no detergents and a lubricating delivery agent to put the proprietary blend exactly where it needs to be, which is on the rollers.  Quiet chain guaranteed!
Created and manufactured in house, this lubricant has already captured several podiums and is recommended by the Smyrna Bicycles racing team.
Follow these instructions on best method to use GO LUBE:
Clear away gunk – start at the rear derailleur.  Use a rag or sock to clear away gently.
Apply lube generously to the rollers on the chain (the middle/center of the chain) by back-peddling the chain.  The mineral spirits in the lube act as a cleaning agent, and will evaporate as you apply the lube.
Remove excess with rag or sock.
Ready to roll!

Get your GoLube now!


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