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Chain/pivot point lubricant

Chain/pivot point lubricant

Bottom Brackets

Are you interested in learning more about chainsets and bottom brackets?

Chainsets and bottom brackets play a crucial role in transferring the power generated by the cyclist to the bike's chain, which ultimately propels the rear wheel. A chainset consists of one or multiple chainrings that are attached to the cranks, where the pedals are mounted. These cranks, one for the right leg and one for the left, are positioned at 180 degrees from each other and connected by the bottom bracket.

Chainrings are a collection of gears responsible for driving the bike chain and transmitting motion to the rear wheel through the cassettes. Different sizes of chainrings are available to adjust the drivetrain force and adapt the gearing to varying terrain conditions.

The bottom bracket can be likened to the heart of the bicycle, despite being a component that is not often discussed or visible. Most bottom brackets are sealed and airtight, assembled under pressure with sealed bearings. They are not designed to be disassembled, but they can be lubricated to enhance performance.

Due to the limited maintenance and repair options, if a bottom bracket fails, it typically necessitates replacing the entire chainset rather than repairing it individually.